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Since 2014 our family run business has been producing and supplying Irelands most luxurious gelato to the country’s finest hotels and restaurants.


Our aim is simple:  make the best gelato using only the highest quality raw material sourced locally and internationally, starting firstly with Irelands amazing milk and cream.


Over the years the relationships we have developed with Irelands top chefs has enabled our small team to craft the very best gelato. With a blend of delicious flavours and keeping air quantity to a minimum it is sure to dazzle your taste buds with every spoonful.


We here at Scup Gelato are very proud of the standards we set in hygiene, safety and customer service enhancing our reputation as the country’s leading gelato producer.  

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Natural Ice Cream Wholesale Ltd, 
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“Don't cry because it's over, smile because
it happened.” 


The Product


Irish dairy produce is highly regarded as some of the best in the world, so that’s where we start.


We couple the highest quality Irish milk and cream with fresh, authentic ingredients like Fresh Wexford Strawberries, Sicilian Bronte Pistachios and Madagascan Vanilla to create a mixture which is churned into an amazingly creamy, smooth and flavoursome gelato.


Each flavour is made in small handmade batches to ensure care and quality is given to every last tub.


Our aim in the beginning was to create a fat free sorbet that had a luxurious smooth texture, introducing our customers to a product with an entirely new level of satisfaction.


Seasonal fresh fruit and locally sourced products has given us the ability to develop a handmade sorbet range that is consistently smooth and refreshing with every spoonful.